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Yantai Huaxin Biomedicine Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Domestic biological cell skin care product manufacturer

Yantai Huaxin Biomedical Science and Technology Co., Ltd is affiliatede to Huaxin Group. Huaxin Biomedical and Development Team was established In 2008. Huaxin Biomedicine was formally established in 2013 It invested more than 200 million Yuan to build various top international intelligent supporting facilities such as office buildings, expert apartment buildings, GMP standard production workshops, etc. It has successfully built a high-end technology research and development production platform with well-known domestic universities,set up Huaxin Biomedical and Development Center, and have more than 20 national invention patents Foreign high-end oligopeptide stock solution production, research and development and inspection equipment have been introduced.

International peptide supplier

The company is fully committed to building a large health industry . a research and development and production enterprise integrating biological medicine, stem cells and immune cells, oligopeptide series skin care products, skin care products in the field of genetic engineering , health food , specia medical food, functional food, medical equipment and sanitary disinfection products .